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Customized Training & Online Technical Support to Meet Your Design Workflow

 Autodesk AutoCAD  Training

AutoCAD is one of the most commonly known design software in the AEC industry. Thousands of design and construction companies use AutoCAD to create concept plans or precise 2D & 3D detail construction drawings and also collaborate with other design teams or design firms. At CCLS, you will learn how to use and apply all the design and collaborative tools within AutoCAD to help you become more productive and efficient with your design projects.  

Civil 3D
Autodesk Civil 3D Training

Autodesk Civil 3D has become one of the most commonly used civil engineering design software in the U.S. With Autodesk Civil 3D, design professionals can take advantage of powerful design and analysis tools for roads and highway projects, utility infrastructure, residential projects (subdivision and multifamily), and mixed-use commercial projects.   

CCLS provides customized training on various topics from user interface & settings, styles and labels, alignments, profiles, sample lines, section views, corridors, assemblies & subassemblies, surfaces, pressure pipes, parcels, collaboration with InfraWorks, and survey points.

Vehicle Tracking
Vehicle Tracking Training

Autodesk Vehicle Tracking allows designers to analyze thousands of different types and sizes of vehicle-swept path-turning maneuvers. Designers can perform analysis turning and reverse maneuvers on commercial sites for vehicles such as fire trucks, garage trucks or tracker trailers. 

CCLS training course provides training on creating custom vehicles, working with swept path analysis, parking lot design, and roundabout design tools. 

InfraWorks Training

Autodesk InfraWorks is a powerful BIM preliminary site planning design software that allows designers to quickly and easily create 3D concept models for developers. With the power of InfraWorks, rich, compelling real-world environment models can be produced to analyze existing and proposed conditions. In addition, InfraWorks also provided preliminary civil engineering design tools for road, bridge, and drainage designs. 

In the CCLS training course, the designer will learn how to create preliminary design concept models for commercial and residential projects. Designers will also learn how to create and edit roadways, highways, bridges, railways, and storm sewer designs. In addition, designers will take advance of powerful analysis and report tools. The course also includes creating render images, video storyboard presentations, and using collaboration tools.

CAD Management, Custom Programming, Remote Tech Support, Engineering Design Support, & 3D modeling.

CCLS CAD Management Program provides technical software support for AutoCAD, Autodesk Civil 3D, InfraWorks, ReCAP, and Vehicle Tracking. This program helps reduce the time designers spend searching for answers on YouTube, Google, and Autodesk forums. In addition, we also provide Autodesk Civil 3D template creation and customized apps to help improve design and project workflows and efficiency. 

CCLS also provides full engineering design support for residential, commercial, schools, light industrial, and public road projects. The typical turnaround time is 1-3 weeks. Availability is very limited. 

CCLS Tools
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